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Models / Miles

Avg Rating: 4.8

Miles Vital Stats:
Age:  32

Miles Updates

Luna L and Jay Lynn
Jae Lynn , Luna L
Luna L and Jae Lynn are back and this time they get to play on the saddle. Both girls were really getting into it when mile decided to lend a helping hand. The ladies get their mouths and pussy's stretched with some big cock action. Lots of cock sucking, pussy eating, doggy style, cowgirl and missionary...

Tags: Bareback Big Ass Boy/Girl Cumshot

Misty R and Miles
Miles , Misty R
Misty is back and we were on the topic of favorite movies. Hers is the Goonies. She really likes the adventure aspect of the film. We also got talking about her other carrier choices that she thought of pursuing in life. She mentioned being coroner and the conversation got real dark. Miles starts...

Tags: Bareback Blonde Boy/Girl Cowgirl

Luna L and Miles
Luna L , Miles
Luna is back. We were discussing predictions for the coming year. She has made several and it will be interesting to see which ones came true. She starts off sucking Miles big cock before he eats her pussy. He then fucks her side saddle, doggy style and missionary position before shoots his load on...

Tags: Bareback BBW Big Ass Boy/Girl

Tiny Returns
Miles , Tiny
Tiny is back. She says she really had fun last time and had the unexpected pleasure of using the saddle. This time she got to play with Miles. Miles starts off eating her pussy before Tiny sucks his big cock. He then fucks her missionary position, side saddle, cowgirl, doggy style and gives her a...

Tags: Bareback Black Boy/Girl Cowgirl

Barbie E and Misty
Barbie E , Miles
Miami and Misty are back and this time working together. Misty had recently had a Brazilian butt lift. The girls talked about the differences when traveling with their man versus when its just the girls. I guess the girls get in way more trouble when they get together. The girls take turns eating...

Tags: 69 Bareback Big Ass Big Tits

Crimson Returns
Crimson , Miles
Crimson is back and this time she's working with Miles. She talked about her time living on a boat and how she really enjoyed it. Miles starts off eating her pussy before he fucks her missionary position before she sucks his big cock. He then fucks her doggy style and cowgirl before shooting his load...

Tags: Bareback Big Ass Big Tits Blonde

Alex P and Misty
Alex P , Miles
Alex and Misty are back. Both have been busy working and Misty has recently taking up farming. The girls start off eating each other pussies before Miles steps in and face fucks Alex. Their is a good amount of squirting and spitting as well as missionary position, doggy style, 69, deep throat and...

Tags: 69 Big Ass Big Tits Blonde

Emma S Returns
Emma S , Miles
Emma S is back and she's thing about getting a fox. I didn't know that was an animal that could be good pet. She's still planning on going to visit Japan and enjoys cooking. Miles starts off eating her pussy before he throat fucks her. He then tit fucks her big boobs before he fucks her missionary,...

Tags: Bareback Big Ass Big Tits Boy/Girl

Isabella F and Miles
Isabella F , Miles
Isabella is back and this time she is working with Miles. She mentioned that she would have banged JFK if she had had the chance. Miles and Isabella got right to it. After some passionate kissing. She sucked his big cock before going into 69 position. He then fucked her Doggy style, missionary position,...

Tags: 69 Bareback Big Tits Boy/Girl

Barbie E
Barbie E , Miles
Miami is not new to film be she is new to us. I asked her about the what surprised her about filming and she shared a bit of an adventure while encountering an unexpected swingers party at her first shoot. She also said she enjoys coffee and being the boutique business. Miles starts off playing with...

Tags: Bareback Big Tits Black Boy/Girl

Misty and Emma S
Antonio , Emma S
Misty and Emma are back. They have just met. First impressions. They both liked the other love of Hello Kitty. Emma had never done scissoring before and Misty was more than happy to show her. Them Miles and Antonio and the mix. We get missionary position, doggy style, cowgirl and Misty squirts all...

Tags: Bareback Big Ass Big Tits Boy/Girl

Kitty Returns
Kitty , Miles
Kitty is back and this time she is working with Miles. She enjoys dancing at the clubs and her favorite super power is invisibility. Miles starts off eating her pussy before she sucks his big cock. She had some a tough time taking his large cock in her mouth. He then fucks her cowgirl style, missionary...

Tags: Bareback Black Boy/Girl Busty

Alex P
Alex P , Miles
Alex has done some filming and came to use via Miles. She got into the business because she's often horney. She also said that the dumbest thing she spent money on this year was cat. I guess it was an expensive pussy. Miles starts off eating her pussy before she sucks his big cock. He then fucks her...

Tags: Big Tits Blonde Boy/Girl Busty

Kylie F and Miles
Kylie F , Miles
Kylie got to talking about her pets. She has two pigs and two snakes. She was telling me how one of the pigs misses her more when she's gone than the other. I asked her what skill she would like to master. I thought she was going to say something like learning to fly a plane but she said deep throating....

Tags: Bareback Big Ass Black Boy/Girl

Kaylee and Miles
Kay Lee , Miles
Kaylee is southern girl who enjoys homesteading and extensive amounts of travel. She is very much an outdoor kind of gal. Miles starts off playing with her tits before eating her pussy. He then throat fucks her before banging her missionary position side saddle and doggy style. She ends by jerking...

Tags: Bareback Big Ass Boy/Girl Busty

Miles , Misty
Miles is back and this time he brought his girlfriend Misty with him. She has done some adult work and the two of them actually met at an orgy. They have great chemistry together. Misty starts off riding Miles face with her shaved pussy before he fucks her mouth in 69. She then rides him cowgirl before...

Tags: 69 Bareback Brunette Busty

Savanna S
Miles , Savanna S
This week took an interesting turn. We decided to film Savanna S in Florida. She's been doing a few shoots and we decided to set her up with Miles. Its been several years since we got to work with him. It was good to see him again and I know you will enjoy these two enjoying each other. Miles starts...

Tags: 69 Bareback Big Tits Boy/Girl

Kate 2
Kate2 , Miles
Kate 2 is not a first timer. Shes is justed getting started in the world of adult film. she has dome some BDSM for several other companies. Miles was more than happy to have a hard and fast paced pounding with her sexy body. After gagging on his big cock riding him. She got a nice cumshot on her...

Tags: Bareback Blonde Boy/Girl College

Kelli , Kiki
Kelli is a nervous first timer who needed money to get her car fixed. Kiki and Miles are friends of hers and thought this would be a great way to try out porn and make some extra cash.

Tags: Bareback Boy/Girl Brunette Busty

Graciee , Miles
Graciee is a nervous first timer who has wanted to make a porn for some time now. Her hobbies include playing piano and watching BDSM movies.

Tags: Bareback Boy/Girl Brunette Cumshot

Miles , Stephie
Stephie works a regular day job but gets her kink needs met by filming porn. She is just getting started but I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot more of her.

Tags: Bareback Boy/Girl Brunette College

Kas , Miles
Kas is a first timer who knew Miles and she needed to money to take care of some bills. She is very down to earth and easy to talk to. They had great chemistry together. When he popped she insisted it be in her mouth.

Tags: Bareback Boy/Girl Brunette Busty

Loni , Miles
Loni is a sweet and very petite 20 year old who has been doing movies since she was 18. Miles told me that she was visiting the area and I thought it would fun for everyone if they got to see someone who has a bit more experience.

Tags: Bareback Black Boy/Girl Brunette

Mercy , Miles
Mercy has had previous adult video experience and heard good things about working with us. She and Miles had great chemistry together. It was an energetic shoot with alot of hot action.

Tags: Boy/Girl Condom Cumshot Hairy

Kiki Returns
Javier , Kiki
Kiki told us her pussy was nervous. This was her first time with two men. They had a great ti,e together.

Tags: Bareback Boy/Girl Brunette Busty

Javier , Miles
Nora has done four or five movies. She and Miles knew each other. I thought it would be fun to have her work with two men.

Tags: Bareback Boy/Girl Brunette MMF

Milaun and Miles
Milaun , Miles
It's been four years since we last filmed Milaun. She returned needing money and I thought it would be fun to pair her with Miles. This is an intense scene.

Tags: Black Boy/Girl Busty Interracial

Kiki , Miles
Kiki is 19 and has done some fetish work but this is her first tome with a full sex scene. Miles brought her and they had amazing chemistry together. This was a very loud intense shoot.

Tags: Bareback Boy/Girl Brunette Busty

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he busts a nice load....luv the no condom sex but also apperciate people being safe...luv this site
Man I love this guy! So fucking hot