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  • We film in Florida. We do not film outside of Florida. Anyone who claims to represent us and says they film outside of the state of Florida is not telling you the truth. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be use then you should contact use directly to verify this.
  • Please read "About Us"
  • At the time of this writing, % 90 of our girls are first timers. Only a few have been on video before and some have returned but most are newbies.
  • Most are referred. We do not use modeling agencies.
  • For security reasons, we do not reveal the true identity of our talent. If someone has a message for a girl or guy, I will be happy to pass it on and it will be to their discretion if thy want to initiate contact.
  • Click on support and send inquiry
  • Not at this time
  • Yes, a large percentage cannot perform when the camera starts rolling. This is one reason we have so many failed shoots.
  • We are working on a DVD line for retail adult stores and distributors. We no longer ship to consumers directly because it is not legal to use USPS and UPS and FedEx are too expensive.
  • We now offer updates several times a week.
  • We like to capture the true emotions of the girls . It has been my experience most girls learn to check out after doing a few videos and it is difficult to capture their true feelings and personality. First timers are great because they have not yet learned to check out emotionally.
  • The blow job scenes average between 8-12 minutes. The full sex scenes average between 40-70 minutes, no fluff, short interviews and the rest just great sex. I use the term average. Some are a littler shorter or longer.
  • We believe all women are beautiful. I do not hire girls for their looks or physical attributes. I hire them based on their financial need. Therefore, we are not concerned with their breast size, body shape, or any other attribute. They come in all nationalities, legal ages, shapes and sizes as evidenced in the previews. If there is anything I have learned from running an adult site, it is that not all porn watchers are into the glam scene. The girls that are most popular here, are those that can just be themselves and show their true emotions, regardless of their physical attributes.
  • Getting girls to show up for shoots is hard enough. I could not imagine the logistics of having a girl show up on time, if at all for a web cam appointment.
  • While encoding video for this new site, I noticed many of the old analog videos are a bit fuzzy. This happens after they have been download a lot over a period of time and they need to be re-encoded from the original raw footage. We will be doing this when the site is complete.
  • We now shoot in HD but render the video in standard format due to large file sizes. Our videos are too long to render in HD. They would be in the GB's. The quality is much better than the old analog but this keeps the file sizes reasonable.
  • You may rate each update on the models movie or photo pages by clicking on the stars, 1=lowest rating, 5= highest rating. The ratings will update to the main pages toplist the following day.
  • When we upload a new update, it immediately shows on the main page. This is an automated system that encodes the video, creates the models pages, and photo sets, and places them in the appropriate categories. It takes 2-5 hours to encode the video. When you see a new update on the main page it may not yet be fully encoded. Please check the models page periodically to see what viewing options are complete.