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We started casually shooting adult video in 2005. Our first 25 videos were blow job scenes. We were selling them in a shopping cart. The videos quickly became very popular because of J's super facial popshots.

In September 2009 while doing a video shoot with J and Leia, she decided she wanted to do more than just a blow job, so I told her to "go for it." We were in a small room with little space to move around and I had no idea what I was doing. I just let her do what she wanted while I chased her around with the camera

A few weeks later, we had a similar spontaneous experience with Magik. Though I knew I had a lot to learn about shooting full sex scenes, I liked the spontaneity. From this time forward I adopted my free and spontaneous shooting style and started shooting full sex scenes whenever the opportunity presented itself.

During the same time period we were contacted by several porn review sites wanting to review us but when they found out we were not a membership site they would not review us.They did however strongly suggest we become one. I hesitated because I started Desperate Amateurs as a hobby and never planned on turning it into a full time porn business. I also knew that "First Time Amateurs" are hard to come by and this is what we specialize in. Membership sites require frequent updates. I didn't feel we would be able to meet this requirement and I wasn't sure I wanted the pressure.

Under pressure to conform, I agreed to become a membership site. For the remainder of 2009 and throughout 2010 we maintained this format but experienced continual difficulty meeting the weekly update requirements. There are several reasons for this but the main one is because we do not film industry models. Most of our girls have never been on video and are only doing this out of financial desperation. Also, we film in Oregon and the mentality here is a bit more backwoods than in LA, Florida, and New York. So, though many of these girls think they can get through an adult video shoot, they tend to back out a lot.

I presented a solution to the members to compensate any weeks we failed to post an update. I guaranteed at least one update per week and offered to extend the membership each week an update was missed. I called it our "Update Guarantee." Amazingly, most of our supportive members did not seem to care if we missed an update and never took me up on the extension of their memberships. I was however, overwhelmed with extension requests from people who had only been a member for a week or two with no missed updates. Thereby spending a vast majority of my time researching accounts to determine the status of their memberships and updates received.

In an effort to make sure I was able to post weekly updates, I found myself agreeing to do video shoots when my instincts told me they would be a disaster. I had more failed shoots in 2010 than I did successful ones. And since I didn't have the heart to send people who are having financial difficulties home with no money, I ended up paying them even if they couldn't perform.

At the end of 2010 I decided to return to a clips site and terminated the membership site. Recently however, there has been a push to convince me I need to return to the membership model. There are many who do not trust the recurring billing and love the shopping cart, and some that really like the non-recurring billing. But there are others that do not like having to rejoin every month and prefer the recurring billing regardless of the update policy.

Being determined to usher in our original membership site anniversary with a new site format, I made the decision to also update our subscription options. We are now offering the shopping cart, 30 day subscriptions (non-recurring) with no update guarantee, and memberships (recurring) with discounts after the first month and an update guarantee. This should offer options for most of your needs and allow me the freedom to post successful updates as they are available, rather than wasting time and money on failed shoots just to get an update posted.

As I am sure you will notice, our filming style as been through several major transformations. I have always been open to suggestions and either adopt them or toss them out if they do not work well for us. One of these suggestions was to ask the girls certain personal questions during the interviews. As you will see, I attempted it on a few videos shoots and it just took away from the natural flow and made the girls very uncomfortable so I stopped doing it.

I have also stopped being so tolerant of the "failed" performances and long bts episodes and no longer post them. If the shoot is not going well within the first 15 minutes, it is considered a 'fail" and we move on to the next one until we have a successful shoot to post.

In summary, this has all been a learning experience and has transformed much over the past few years. It is important to note, we really are different than many of the sites on the internet and what works for them does not necessarily work for us. My direction now is to continue filming mostly first time amateurs, to keep it as real and natural as possible, and just let it be what it is.

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